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Myelin & Melanin: Raising The Temp

Mar 2, 2019

MS has been all over the media this week! First, it was the sighting of actress Selma Blair (who disclosed she has MS via Instagram -- -- in October 2018) with her fabulous cane on the red carpet at the 2019 Oscars. Then, fast forward to the interview she did with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America a few days later. Her candid, brave and transparent interview has been the talk of social media. And for good reason -- it is rare that chronic illness and disability are given any visibility (especially in Hollywood). It was a beautiful moment. The awareness she brought to multiple sclerosis is priceless.

Join us as we share our reflections on Selma Blair's interview, as well as discuss the concept of disability visibility. We also discuss an article written by one of our favorite MS bloggers -- @ms_trippingonair | (www.trippingon, titled "Why Is Selma Blair So Important Right Now", and how her discussion of mobility aids mirrors our own realities.

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Love and Light.