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Myelin & Melanin: Raising The Temp

May 18, 2022

This weekend, we experienced several mass shootings, more specifically, mass murders -- terrorist, white supremacist hate crimes, at that. We grieve for those we lost at the hands of a white supremacist, terrorist in Buffalo, New York. Join us as we gather our thoughts about the collective white supremacist nightmare we're living through. We also chat about white supremacy, abortion, body autonomy, reproductive freedom, ableism and more.

Forgive our technical hiccups (5 min, 32 sec). We're tired, and technology can be weird and unpredictable.


  • At about 12 min, 9 sec, Carlos references Dylanf Roof -- he meant Kyle Rittenhouse
  • We discuss the following article: at about 19 min, 26 sec. At aprox. 23 min, 40 sec #BecauseMS, Carlos misconstrued anti-abortion activist, Melissa Ortiz's sentiments about spina bifida, disability and abortion (she was advocating against abortion); Daana's personal sentiments, remain unchanged, though (she said what she said)
Daana Townsend (she/her) a Professor and content creator; and Carlos Kareem Windham (they/them), a comedian, facilitator and musician -- each living with Multiple Sclerosis -- are your hosts this season and explore the intersections of race, culture, politics, disability and all the things. 

Join us as we Raise the Temp!

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  • Carlos @elcaballonegrito

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