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Jul 24, 2021

Part 1 of this episode is a statement from Daana Townsend (co-founder, co-host, editor, and producer of the Myelin & Melanin Podcast and Courtney Townsend (Daana's sister and business manager of Myelin & Melanin, LLC) regarding the unsettling and serious events that have taken place since July 16, 2021. See for more details.

Part 2 (starting at 37 minutes) is the finale of the Myelin & Melanin Podcast and features Carlos Kareem Windham (our favorite guest co-host and contributor to the podcast) reflecting, with Daana, on the four seasons of the show. * Please note that Daana & Carlos' episode was recorded on July 5, 2021 -- before the current events.

Though the podcast is ending, you can still find us on our website: and Twitter at @myelinmelanin. Please note that Myelin & Melanin has no *legitimate* presence on Facebook or Instagram. Any information on those platforms is not credible.

You can find Daana on Instagram @retrosoul__, her website: and by e-mail at

Daana has many exciting collaborations and projects currently happening and forthcoming, so stay tuned!