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Myelin & Melanin: Raising The Temp

Feb 2, 2019

Masta Ace is a global hip-hop artist whose career has spanned over three decades. His most recent album, "A Breukelen Story" (with producer Marco Polo) -- released in November 2018 -- features the track "Fight Song" (feat. Pharoahe Monch) -- a powerful glimpse into the reality of MS.

He was diagnosed with MS in 2000, but did not disclose it publicly until 2013. Join us as we talk with him about his MS journey -- we chat about diet, exercise, his career, and what keeps him sane. You don't want to miss this exciting episode. It was such an honor to talk with him.

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We would like to thank our music producer Sha Severe for blessing us with the amazing special beat in honor of Masta Ace. You can find him on Instagram @sha.severe and Twitter @shamsta19